Born in Paris, France, I studied graphic design at Ecole Corvisart and moved to Boston to pursue my career in design and communications.

With my analytical and technical skills, problem solving abilities, creative initiatives and dedication, I bring over 15 years of solid experience in art direction, graphic design, production management and communications. To respond to the rapid changes and challenges in the field of communications, I constantly update my skills to stay abreast of the changes in design trends and media technology.

In 2009, I graduated as a multimedia designer from the Boston University Center for the Digital Imaging Arts where I developed additional skills such as: web design, content architecture, front hand coding, image optimization and content management systems technology.

My management style is based on team empowerment through cross training among team members offering interchangeable skills to other teams in need of creative services. This initiative promotes self confidence, improves work efficiency, brings recognition, respect and trust among peers and upper level management.

Through my analytical, technical skills, problem solving abilities, creative initiatives, dedication, and passion for design, I am able to raise businesses marketing messages to another level.